Hello, Industry

Consider this my “Hello, World” post from outside academia and inside industry.

I last posted three months ago, when I had just made the decision to leave graduate school in search of adventures and work experience that better suited my goals (in work, life, and the balance between the two). In the interest of reseting that most important aspect—balance—I took some time off before starting a serious job search. By early October I was interviewing at several different companies, and after traveling to Texas to attend the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration, I accepted a position as a Software Engineer II at Microsoft.

I’ve been working on the base kernel team at Microsoft for six weeks now, and couldn’t be happier with my decision to leave graduate school and enter industry. I’ll be posting more about various topics (technical interviews, Grace Hopper, and time off after graduate school) in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, happy holidays to everyone!

Farewell to graduate school.

As of mid-September 2015, I’m leaving graduate school, ABD, in search of alternate pursuits.

To those from UW looking to contact me, I’m still answering CSE email for a short period of time, but you’ll have a better chance of reaching me at my personal address.

To those stumbling on my website during my job search: try one of the tabs above, or shoot me an email for my resume.